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Lakeview Elementary COVID Reopening Plan
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Updated March 2021
Guidelines to Support Optimal Safety During COVID-19: January - May 2021
The following guidelines have been created to offer optimal safety for students and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The safety measures listed below are subject to change, pending state or county recommendations and/or orders.  Guidelines established through the work of the RUSD Reopening Committee are specified as “RUSD” and should be followed by all school sites.  Guidelines specified as “Site Specific” are intended for Lakeview Elementary only.  Input for our "Site Specific" guidelines was received from staff, PTO and School Site Council.  RUSD academic guidelines, social-emotional guidelines, technology guidelines, and custodial guidelines have been established, as well, but are not yet described in this document.  
General Safety Measures (RUSD)
    • Limited access will be allowed onto each campus.  Parents of TK-1st will be allowed on campus to drop off and pick up their students, but they must wear a mask at all times.  Parents of 2nd-8th grade students are strongly encouraged to remain in vehicles at drop off and pick up times.  
    • Parent volunteers will not be utilized in the classroom.
    • All field trips and assemblies will not occur at this time.  
    • Meetings between parents and staff should be conducted remotely whenever possible.  If in-person meetings must occur, social distancing and wearing face coverings is required.  
    • Middle School Orientations and all Back to School Nights will occur remotely.
    • Kindergarten Orientation may occur in person (site decision).  Social distancing will be encouraged and face masks will be required.  Food will not be provided or consumed.  One parent per family will be invited.  Students (including siblings) must not attend.
Sanitation and Disinfecting (RUSD)
    • Sanitizer stations will be available in all offices, classrooms, common areas.  
    • Extra hand washing stations will be installed at school sites.  
    • Classroom water fountains should not be used, unless it is to fill up a water bottle. Students will be encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottle.  
    • Recycling programs that require students to touch objects that were handled by other people have been discontinued.  Students will be encouraged to recycle their own water bottles, paper, etc. at home.
    • Staff will be trained on disinfecting, hand washing procedures, physical distancing, face covering and screening practices and protocols.  
Arrival to Lakeview (Site Specific)
    • Parents must screen their children for health concerns, using RUSD guidelines, prior to sending them to school each day.  Students exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 and students who have knowingly been exposed to COVID-19 in the last 14 days, may NOT attend school.
    • Students riding a bus to school must follow bus guidelines for COVID-19.
    • Carpooling with other students, outside of the immediate family, is discouraged.
    • All students are now required to wear masks. Students with health conditions, which prevent them from wearing a mask, must turn in a note from their doctor prior to the start of instruction.
    • Parents of TK - 1st grade students will be permitted to drop off and pick up their students.  Face masks will need to be worn, and social distancing guidelines must be followed.  Parents must exit the campus after escorting their children to class.
    • Parents of students in 2nd-5th grades are strongly encouraged to drop their students off in the designated drop-off area.  
    • Students will be permitted to arrive on campus from various entry points.
    • Students should arrive on campus no earlier than 10 minutes prior to class starting and must exit campus no later than 10 minutes after dismissal. 
    • Upon arrival, students must report directly to their assigned class meeting location.  Markers for lining up will be visible.  Social distancing guidelines must always be in practice.
    • Classes must work to remain in a cohort at all times and limit their access to others.
    • Teachers will be trained to screen students for COVID-19 symptoms as they arrive at school.
    • Students exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms will discretely be asked to walk to the tent near the office for further monitoring.  Office staff will be notified of this student’s symptoms.  A nurse or a staff member will make every effort to meet and escort the student to the tent, maintaining six feet in distance.
    • Students will be trained on procedures for entering their classroom, entering the office and MP Room, walking to and from recess, and walking through school grounds.  Hand washing and sanitizer opportunities will be structured throughout the day.
Classroom Guidelines (RUSD & Site) 
    • Student desks will be spread out; backs of chairs will be no closer than four feet from one another at all times and shall face forward (not face one another).
    • Students will be assigned a specific desk and asked to refrain from sitting or touching others’ desks or property.
    • Sharing of materials between students will be discouraged.  Whenever possible, students will be assigned the same, Chromebook, textbook, or other regularly used equipment.  When students must share with students from their class or from other classes, students will be instructed to wash their hands immediately and refrain from touching their face during or after.  Shared materials will be disinfected as soon as possible.  
    • Teachers and aides will be mindful of proximity during small group instruction.  Shared tables will be cleaned and disinfected prior to another group using them.
    • Common seating areas in classrooms, such as couches and bean bags, will not be used unless they can be appropriately disinfected between student use and allow for social distancing. 
    • Comfort corners and other areas designed to calm students may continue to be used, but should be disinfected between use.  If objects such as fidgets, rainsticks, or stress balls, are used in these areas, they will be disinfected before another student uses them.  Social distancing will be encouraged. 
    • When lining up, students will be distanced appropriately from their peers and remain facing the same direction (as much as possible).  
    • Students will be reminded not to congregate at their teacher’s desk or in other groups within the classroom, remaining socially distant from their teacher.
    • As practical, student assignments will be digitized to reduce the need to handle paper.
    • For classes using tables instead of desks, teachers will tape off areas for students to remain in.  
    • Food will not be consumed in classrooms.
    • Class celebrations will not involve food or activities in which students must share items. 
Restroom Procedures (Site Specific)
    • Students needing to take a buddy to the restroom will be trained to remain six feet apart.  Buddy should wait outside of the restroom.
    • Students must go, flush, wash thoroughly, dry hands with a paper towel, throw the paper towel in the trash can and go directly back to class.
    • The number of students allowed in restrooms at one time will be limited to three.
Recess Procedures (Site Specific)
    • Our bell schedule has been altered to promote optimal safety through limited exposure. Bells will no longer be sounded throughout the day - Bells will only sound at the start and dismissal of each day.
    • Students must wash their hands before entering the snack/recess area.
    • Teachers will need to escort their class to the play areas at the designated play time.
    • Students should bring water bottles for hydration and leave them in a specified area.
    • There will be designated snack/play zones for classes (cohorts) for each recess.
    • A schedule will be made for each week, allowing classes variety in their daily play zones.
    • Recess equipment will be used within each class play zone and sanitized after use.
    • Students will be asked to freeze after the first whistle blows.
    • After the second whistle blows, students will walk to their class line, facing forward and spaced appropriately. Markers will be painted on the blacktop.
    • Teachers will pick classes up on time and escort them back to class.
    • Classes will walk single file and stay to the right of any area.
    • The play structure will likely not be used at this time.
Lunch Procedures if Returning to Full Classes (Site Specific)
    • Lunch and lunch recess times have been altered in order to keep numbers of students as low as possible.
    • Students will now eat in grade level sessions. In favorable weather, cohorts may alternate inside and outside weekly (if staffing allows).
    • Teachers will need to escort their class to either recess or lunch, depending on their schedule. Students must wash hands before entering the lunch area.
    • When entering the lunch area, teachers or yard supervisors will escort their class to the assigned tables.
    • While eating lunch, students may not share food or touch others. Classes will be spread out over 2-3 tables. Sticky dots will indicate spacing of seats.
    • Students should raise their hand if they need assistance and should not get up without permission. Parents will be asked to pack lunches in easy-open packaging. Yard supervisors will wear gloves and sanitize after oepning containers.
    • The Lakeview quiet signal will be used to indicate the need for quiet and lunch dismissal.
    • Students will throw away trash. If going out to play, the will place their lunch bag back on the assigned table and a yard supervisor will escort them to play. If going back to class, teachers will pick them up in the lunch area.
    • Rainy days may involve classes eating on the stage and or classrooms.
PE Procedures (Site Specific - Grades 4 & 5)
    • Our 4th and 5th grad PE teacher will not be wearing a mask, due to medical needs.  She will either pick students up outside of the classroom.
    • Outdoor PE instruction with socially distant activities will be conducted whenever possible.
    • Indoor PE instruction will be offered during inclement weather or during days with dangerous air quality.  The PE classroom will be disinfected after each class.
    • A field area will be zoned for PE.
    • PE equipment will be sanitized after each class use.
    • Due to extended lunch periods, MP use will be severely limited at this time.
    • Students will be assigned spots for lining up, stretching, and for activities/games.
    • PE lessons and games will be structured to avoid contact.  
    • Air high fives and air hand shakes will be used for encouragement.
Band Procedures (Site Specific)
    • Band Teacher will work with sites to establish appropriate procedures.
Office Procedures (Site Specific)
    • Any student exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms will be escorted to the outside area near the office, by an adult. Student should bring their belongings with them. Teacher should call the office for help and ask the student to step outside of the classroom, with the door open for supervision, while waiting for the escort.
    • Students must enter the office through the side door (near amphitheatre) and wait in hallway for assistance. Masks must be worn in the office. Sanitizer will be provided for use. Students must sit or stand in specified area.
    • Once student need is determined, permission will be given to enter for assistance.
    • Parents in need of office assistance will be asked to enter one at a time.
    • Parents will not be allowed to drop off homework, snacks, or band instruments, which have been forgotten at home.
    • Staff should enter the office through the staff room door.
    • Please remain socially distant within the staff room and workroom.  
    • Wash hands upon entering the staff room or workroom.
    • Disinfect keypad of copy machine before and after use, as well as other areas/tools used.
    • Door knobs and common surfaces will be disinfected regularly.
    • Whenever possible, please solve student needs through phone calls or radio.
Dismissal and Pick-Up Procedures (Site Specific)
    • TK-1st grade parents may pick up their students at classrooms after school.  They should avoid arriving prior to ten minutes before pick-up, wear masks, and follow social distancing guidelines.
    • Parents of students in 2nd-5th grades should either meet their children in a predetermined location at the campus perimeter or pick them up in the designated pick-up area near the flagpole. 
    • Pick up procedures will be followed closely.  Students will wait in the pick-up area, behind a cone displaying the first letter of their last name.  Cars shall display the last name of the child being picked up.  Names will be announced by staff as cars enter the pick up area.  Cars must pull as far forward as possible.  Children will be called to their cars accordingly. Once the vehicle has pulled forward and come to a safe stop, children may enter the vehicle.
    • Staff should no longer open or close car doors for students, unless necessary.
    • Students who are not picked up within ten minutes of dismissal should remain outside the office window with staff supervision.