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The Site Council is composed of parents, teachers, and the principal. The role of the Site Council is to assist in the development, guidance and monitoring of the School Improvement Plan. This plan serves as a guide to refine and improve the educational program for our school. We shoose academic areas to focus based on our Academic Performance Index (API) rating. This rating is derived from performance on STAR testing, the state academic assessments, given annually to students in the spring.

The goals of our Single Plan for Student Achievement drive the expenditures of the budget. The state funds used by the Site Council for our Plan are only a portion of the monies used to enhance the programs at Lakeview. Unfortunately, the State funding just is not enough to provide our school, teachers and, most of all, our children with the resources necessary to meet improvement goals.

That is where the PTO and the Boosters program come in. Our PTO has been working hard at fundraisers to provide our children with the resources necessary to complement the limited funding. Many parents give generously of their time and energy to assist in fundraising for school programs, as well as extracurricular activities such as theater productions and sports. Lakeview needs your continued support through generous donations and by providing your input to the Site Council and PTO.

PTO and Site Council meeting are open to the public.